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Yoga Therapy is a truly holistic approach to healing and reducing suffering that comes with being human.


Because Yoga views a human being as a multidimensional whole,  Yoga Therapy can shift all aspects of your life toward wellness-the physical, energetic, mental, behavioral, emotional and spiritual.  Yoga's many tools- physical postures, breath control, meditation, chanting, study of texts and more- are available as options to address specific health issues and enhance mental, emotional, and physical well-being. 


These sessions are private. My goal is to get to know YOU, to understand your issues, goals, hopes and needs so that I can create a personal practice that supports YOU, uniquely.

Beginning with a thorough intake, we will do a lot of talking and investigating to see what issues are up for you. From there, I will observe how your body moves and breathes, and determine your strengths and challenges etc. so I can design an initial personal practice for you to do regularly either at home, or at the Club in our group Mysore-style classes. This initial practice will be a starting point for us to shift, refine and progress over continuing sessions.


I specialize in using Yoga for Food & Body relationship recovery so if that is an area of interest or need for you please mention it in your initial or early contact with me.

Regularly scheduled office hours for Yoga Therapy are

Tuesdays at 10:00AM PT 

Mondays and Wednesdays at 2pm PT

Other appointment times are available upon request to suit your schedule.

For more info or to schedule a free 20 minute meeting to discuss any details,


Yoga Therapy Fees 


Initial package of 3 sessions $450

Includes 90 minute intake and 2 - 1 hour follow up classes

Single 1 hour session $135


Single 90 minute session $199

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