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Are you ready to stop fighting food and end the battle with your body? 
Yoga of Food + Body Respect


Work one-on-one with Aimee Echo

in a unique fusion of Yoga Therapy + Weight Neutral Coaching designed

to shift your perspective + help heal your relationship with food and your body.

 Email AIMEE to schedule a free introductory session. 



  • Do you feel “out of control” around certain foods


  • Do you “eat emotionally”? 


  • Do you feel bad, guilty, or shameful when you eat more than you wanted or foods you’re “not supposed to”?


  • Do you do “really good” with food until the end of the day when you lose control? 


  • Do you feel like you have to "get it all in" before the diet or cleanse starts tomorrow? 

  • Do you want to stop feeling crazy around food? 

  • Do you want to stop fighting with your body for control of your weight?



In 8 private biweekly sessions, we will work together to root out your personal issues around food and body and use yoga therapy, coaching, āsana, breath work, meditation and the psychology of the Yoga Sutras as tools to help you gain freedom from suffering around food and your body.

- Mindset Shifts: Rooted in the psychology of Yoga, each session includes discussions and coaching to help uncover and work through the underlying causes of suffering around food and body. 


- Nervous System Regulation: You will receive a personalized Yoga practice crafted to reduce anxiety, get you grounded in your body and establish tools for self-regulating.


- Body Awareness: Each practice is designed to develop trust and awareness of our body’s needs and cues. 


- Gentle Nutrition: Learn about intuitive AND intentional eating through a Yogic lens, to reclaim the ability to feed your body in a way that feels free from suffering, balanced and sustainable.


- Body Acceptance: Through these affirming yoga practices, guided meditations, lessons, discussions and coaching, you will develop self care and respect in your relationship with your body.


-Optional group coaching sessions for program Alumni


 Email AIMEE to schedule a free introductory session.

A little about Aimee-

After a decades long struggle with body image and disordered eating Aimee found peace in her relationship with food and her body through Yoga Therapy AND in-depth study with the renowned weight neutral coach Isabel Foxen Duke.


Longing to help others find that same peace and freedom, Aimee entered professional mentorship with Isabel to learn to guide folks through Food and Body Relationship Recovery herself. In 2022, she was certified by the Institute for Weight Neutral Coaching as a Weight Neutral and Diet Recovery Coach.


A dedicated Yoga practitioner + teacher for over 25 years, she is an Authorized Level 2 Ashtanga Yoga Teacher + Yoga Therapist. She is also a certified Health & Nutrition Coach through Institute for Integrative Nutrition,

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