All new students are welcome!

New students begin their studies at AYLB with a one-month commitment to practice 3 days a week minimum working up to a 5-6 day per week practice. Your first few practices will be around 30 minutes long. We will work towards memorizing a prescribed sequence to which, over time, your teacher will adjust & add postures and guidance. As you begin to develop stability, ease and stamina in what you have learned, the postures and breathing/movement system will integrate into a PERSONAL PRACTICE that you own and can take with you anywhere.


If you are  new to Long Beach and have an established Mysore-style practice and are looking to join the club, or visiting  and would like to drop in please email -AIMEE- for info on how to attend.



Sign in and settle up before class. Not after. 

Wear clean clothes on your clean body.

Take your rug and towels home with you and wash them often.

Keep your mat clean.

Drink water. Lots of water. Before class or after class. Not during. 

During the heavy part of your menstrual cycle, do not practice. 

If you have a fever, do not practice. If you're contagious, practice at home. Otherwise, if in doubt take gentle practice. After a few surya namaskara, you'll know how to proceed. 

If you have an injury, come to class. Let your teacher know when you arrive and she will help adapt your practice in a healing manner. Show up in whatever body, and whatever mind, you have today. 



(housekeeping notes inspired by or directly quoted from the “quick study” section of 


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Aimee Echo began her career not as a Yoga teacher but a rock singer, recording several albums and touring the world with her band theSTART and performing guest vocals for Red Hot Chili Peppers, Garbage, Teddybears and so many more. Seeking refuge from the rock world, she took her first step into an Ashtanga Yoga class in 1999. 

Guided by teachers Noah Williams and Kiki Flynn, she developed a daily Mysore-style practice and became devoted to the Ashtanga Yoga method. After practicing with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and his family in L.A. In 2002, she was inspired to make her first journey to Mysore, India in 2007 to study at Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute (now KPJAYI). 

She has since been a dedicated student of R. Sharath Jois and returns regularly to India for intensive study with him. In 2010, Aimee received Sharath’s blessing to teach and is Authorized Level 2 . She had the privilege to assist Sharath in the main shala at KPJAYI in 2012 and again 2016. 

An avid philosophy student, she began ongoing study of the Yoga Sutras with long time TKV Desikachar student, Chase Bossart in 2015.

Aimee is the owner, director and primary teacher at Ashtanga Yoga Long Beach. She is the only KPJAYI Authorized Ashtanga Yoga teacher in Long Beach, CA.


She still sings in her dance rock band, theSTART.

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