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Working one-on-one with Aimee provides an opportunity to more deeply and personally address your needs, using Yoga as a tool to help bring greater clarity and balance to your life. 

Beginning with a thorough intake, we will discuss issues that are up for you across all aspects of your life, on all levels- Physical, Energetic, Mental, Behavioral and Emotional.  Aimee will observe how you move in your body, assess and design an initial practice to meet your goals that will shift and refine over continuing sessions.


Aimee also specializes in using Yoga for food & body relationship and diet recovery.

Regularly scheduled hours for Individual Yoga are

Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10:15AM PT

Other appointment times are available upon request to suit your schedule.

For more info or to schedule a free 20 minute meeting to discuss any details,


individual yoga & Yoga Therapy fees 


Initial package of 3 sessions $425

Includes 90 minute intake and 2 - 1 hour follow up classes

Ongoing package of 3 -1 hour sessions $350

Single 1 hour session $125


Single 90 minute session $185

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